Scan and Capture

  • Scan multiple pages and images to create a merged, multi-page document1
  • Automatically detects the page edges (Guides)1
  • Automatically enhances picture/text sharpness
  • Scanned documents can be shared or saved in PDF or JPEG format
  • Scanned documents can be saved on device in “Saved Documents” folder or in Cloud e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive


  • Simple barcode scan to purchase any product listed on Amazon marketplace
  • Supported barcode formats are UPC

Supplies Replenishment

  • App notifications for low on ink alerts
  • Single click ordering for ink replenishment
  • Seamless integration with Amazon marketplace for auto-fulfilment


  • Prints directly to the following Wi-Fi enabled/accessible printers on the local Wi-Fi network without requirement for PC/Server:
    • Epson® printers/All-in-Ones supporting ESC/P®-R
    • HP® printers/All-in-Ones supporting PCL 3®
    • Any PostScript® 3 or PCL 5® or PCL 6® compatible printers/MFPs

App Support

  • Print supported files from any iPhone, iPad app that enables file sharing, with “Open in Pi”
  • Print supported files from any Android app that enables file sharing, with “Print with Pi”

Email Support 2

  • Apple® MobileMe℠, Gmail™, Microsoft Exchange, AOL®, Yahoo® Mail, Hotmail®, other popular email servers supported through Apple Mail app using “Open in Pi”

Web Storage Support 2

  • Native apps of web storage services supported through file sharing

File Support

  • Microsoft Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® documents (Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, Macintosh versions 2004, 2008 and 2011)2
  • JPEG (photo), PNG, PDF files
  • Other data content supported with “Paste Board”

Photos/Images Support

  • Print photos in Facebook, Flickr™ and Picasa™ photos
  • Print photos stored in Camera Roll or images saved in ”Albums” from other apps including Google+, Instagram, Photobucket™, Snapfish® and Shutterfly™, using “My Photos”
  • Auto-rotate photos/images for best fit of multiple items per page

Webpage Support

  • Print webpages from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by copying-pasting of webpage URL
  • Print secure webpage content with “Paste Board”

Paste Board Support

  • Print any content that can be selected & copied
  • Original formatting may not be retained
  • Images are fit to paper size

Mobile Device Support

Apple iOS Devices
  • Apple iPhone 5/5s (iOS 8.0 and above)
  • Apple iPhone6/6S (iOS 8.0 and above)
  • Apple iPhone 7 (iOS 10 and above)
  • Apple iPad (iOS 8.0 and above)
Android Devices
  • Smartphones/tablets using Android Lollipop( Android 5.0 ) & above

Printer Support

  • Wide range of printers/MFPs complying with the following:
    • Epson® printers/All-in-Ones supporting ESC/P®-R
    • HP® printers/All-in-Ones supporting PCL 3®
    • Dell, HP, Lexmark, OKI, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox and other manufacturers compatible with PostScript® 3 or PCL 5® or PCL 6®
    • Wi-Fi enabled or accessible via a Wi-Fi network
    • Bonjour®/SNMP enabled
  • Wide range of other printers from various manufacturers installed on the following:
    • Apple Mac Computer on a Wi-Fi network
    • Microsoft Windows PC on a Wi-Fi network with a Microsoft Windows Server

Printer Management

  • Auto discovery of Wi-Fi enabled printers
  • Auto discovery of SNMP-enabled printers connected to local Wi-Fi network
  • Temporary manual addition (printer name, valid IP address)
  • Option to Set Default

Print Options

  • Paper Size:
    • Documents: Letter, A4, A5
    • Images: 5”x7”, 4”x6”, 3.5”x5”, Letter, A4
  • Page Range
  • Copies: 1 – 9
  • Duplex printing
  • Orientation: Auto rotate (for images)
  • Document preview
  • Color Options: Color/Black & White
  • Set defaults for printer: paper size, color options

Print Resolution

  • 216 DPI

Network/Communications Support

  • Uses local Wi-Fi for printing to printers
  • Uses Wi-Fi or 3G Network or GPRS Network for downloading email attachments, web storage files and accessing Cloud Services 2

Download Options 2

  • File size limit is 5 MB
  • Search downloads by criteria for quick access

Cloud Access 2

  • Cloud Services required for printing Microsoft Office documents, webpages; other file types are printed in-device
  • File size limit is 5 MB
  • Cloud access to trusted website uses secure 128-bit SSL encryption

Pi Services Registration

  • Pi Services provides the following:
    • Print Services consisting of In Device Services and remote Cloud Services
    • Support Services offering technical support via email (in English only)
  • Requires registration with valid email address or with Facebook® or Google +™ login credentials
  • Users not registered for Pi Services will not be able to use the following features
    • Printing of Microsoft Office documents, webpages, and
    • Printing of content from within an app using “Open in Pi"

User Interface

  • English (US), French (Europe), French (Cannada), German, Spanish, Japanese

Application Size

  • Pi for Apple iOS version 16.5 MB
  • Pi for Android version 25 MB

1 - this feature is available on iOS devices only
2 - Requires broadband/cellular service internet connection